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Maximizing Potential

Knowmatrix Edlab is an ideating platform where we design counseling-learning experiences. We are always looking for new ways to help our students, so we can maximize their potential. It's a space where we work together, share ideas and support each other in our work as counselors, storytellers, interview coaches, educators, researchers, and industry professionals.

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What We Do

The paradigm shift in higher education and career decision-making can make it challenging to map the course - college - country - career matrix. That is why we are creating "counseling-learning" experiences that encourage students to see past their challenges and build resilience to take charge of their passions and dreams - one step at a time.

The Team

We are a team of 20 collaborators, working across seven cities. The five core members are devoted wholeheartedly and disregard time zones, bringing many college or career dreams to life. We specialize in early career coaching and international admission strategy. From career interest surveys, to profile building and essays; from scholarships, interviews and design portfolios, to student visas: we do it all.

Our Programs

We deliver custom designed career readiness workshops and year-long programs. The programs offer a comprehensive curriculum that includes communication, skill development, and entrepreneurial training, as well as guidance for pursuing higher education in India and abroad.Through a series of workshops, mentoring, and hands-on projects, internships participants develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen career path, whether it be launching a startup, pursuing further education, or joining the workforce.

Art and design college admission guidance service that provides personalized support to students preparing for portfolio submissions, helping them showcase their creativity and skills through a well-crafted selection of artwork and design projects, ultimately increasing their chances of acceptance into their dream schools.

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